Neighborhood Semantics for Modal Logic

Course Information
  • Lecturer: Eric Pacuit (website)
  • Venue: Tübingen, Germany
  • Dates: August 11 - 16, 2014
  • Meeting Times: 9:00am - 10:30am
Day 1    Introduction and Motivation I
  • Slides

  • Topics : Introduce both relational and neighborhood semantics for modal logic; Discuss key motivating for studying non-normal modal logics: Logics of ability, Logics for group decision making, Logic of classical deductive closure, Deontic logic paradoxes, the problem of logical omniscience and knowledge closure; Normal and non-normal modal logics

    Reading material : Chapter 1 (Introduction and Motivation)

Day 2    Introduction and Motivation II
  • Slides

  • Topics : Neighborhood frames/models; Examples of logics using neighborhood structures: A logic of knowledge, evidence and belief, Coalitional Logic, Subset Space Logic (Topologic); Neighborhood semantics in the broader logical landscape: relationship with relational structures, topological models, n-ary relational models

    Reading material : Chapter 1 (Introduction and Motivation) and Chapter 2 (Core Theory)

Day 3    Core Theory I
  • Slides

  • Topics : Relationship with plausibility structures; Completeness and incompleteness of non-normal modal logics

    Reading material : Chapter 2 (Core Theory)

Day 4    Core Theory II
Day 5    Core Theory II