Eric Pacuit

Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
University of Maryland, College Park
Office: 1103A Skinner Building (directions)

My research is currently focused on issues in interactive epistemology and developing mathematical models of group decision making. These are both interdisciplinary projects that make use of ideas and techniques from logic (especially modal logic), philosophy, game theory and social choice theory. See my research page for more details about my research interests.

Recent news

Selected publications

  • New Eric Pacuit, On the use (and abuse) of logic in game theory, Forthcoming in the Journal of Philosophical Logic
  • New Eric Pacuit and Olivier Roy, Epistemic Game Theory, Forthcoming in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • New Eric Pacuit, Strategic Reasoning in Games, Forthcoming in a book on strategic reasoning edited by J. van Benthem, S. Ghosh and R. Verbrugge
  • Johan van Benthem, David Fernández-Duque, and Eric Pacuit (2014). Evidence and plausibility in neighborhood structures, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 165. (pdf, bibtex)
  • Eric Pacuit (2013). Dynamic epistemic logic I: Modeling knowledge and belief, Philosophy Compass, 8. (pdf, bibtex)
  • Eric Pacuit (2012). Voting methods, in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, (eds. Edward N. Zalta). (bibtex)
  • Johan van Benthem, Jelle Gerbrandy, Tomohiro Hoshi, and Eric Pacuit (2009). Merging frameworks for interaction, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 38. (pdf, bibtex)